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Monthly Conversion Optimisation Tools Update – February 2017

Lynne Wright, Operations Manager at AWA digital, takes a look at the latest conversion optimisation tools and industry news.

This month I report on a new ‘super spy’ platform created by WhatUsersDo; explain how SessionCam has taken integration with ServiceTick to the next level; review four new updates from UserTesting; bring news of a development that will make it easier to use Optimizely on the go; share a raft of new features from SurveyGizmo; and introduce Formstack Portals.

WhatUsersDo has created a super spy

whatusersdo-logo-1.jpgWhatUsersDo has upgraded its UX testing platform so it is better at revealing user behaviour insights – a bit like having a super spy living with your website users and reporting back on the most critical issues.

This major upgrade is based on user feedback, and the revamped platform comes with four key new features:

  • Improved reportingusers can now access quantitative data to beef up the qualitative offering 
  • Deeper, better insights – there are now greater customisation options when setting up tests
  • Better collaboration – notes can now be added to the dashboard for all collaborators to see
  • Unlimited UX testing – a new plan lets users run as many tests as they need without running out of credits

The only downside to this development is a price increase. However, it’s the first from WhatUsersDo in four years, and you can try before you buy with a free trial. It certainly sounds like this is worth a closer look.

SessionCam takes Integration with ServiceTick to the next level

sessioncam_logo.pngWebsite visitor recording tool SessionCam and Voice of Customer solution provider ServiceTick have announced an enhanced two-way integration that will give users access to customer feedback at every stage of their online journey.

The original integration allowed joint clients to watch SessionCam recordings from within the ServiceTick reporting console and proved to be a popular way to map the journey for customers whose experience proved less than satisfactory.

This integration has now been taken a step further by enabling ServiceTick to pass feedback data from its web surveys back into SessionCam. 

Thanks to this enhanced integration, SessionCam clients who use ServiceTick as their Voice of Customer solution can now further segment their data. For example, they can analyse conversion funnels by net promoter score or use heatmaps to visually analyse customer levels of satisfaction or effort. 

The enhanced integration also allows data from SessionCam’s unique machine-learning Customer Struggle (SC) score to intelligently pass back into ServiceTick.

This two-way integration is available to all existing customers of both ServiceTick and SessionCam.

Four new updates from UserTesting 

UserTesting_logo-1.jpgUserTesting has kicked off the new year with not one, but four, updates to its consumer testing platform. These are based on customer feedback and are sure to hit the spot with many users. 

The first is an updated popular tasks feature that makes it quick and easy to set up a study by simply dragging and dropping pre-written tasks into a test plan. Existing popular tasks have been updated and UserTesting has added new tasks and questions that follow industry standards. 

In addition, the tool now offers a study-centric dashboard layout; gives the option to provide a blank page to begin web tests if you want users to share their thoughts or expectations before seeing a webpage; and has updated the Excel export feature so that multiple studies can be exported into one Excel workbook. 

It’s now easier to use Optimizely on the go 

optimizely-logo.pngNew software development kits (SDKs) from OptimizelyX Mobile means that users can now quickly and easily run A/B tests, roll out features and deliver personalised experiences in real-time without an App Store or Google Play review.

The SDKs were designed to be easier, more powerful and more flexible for app developers to use. Enhanced features include live variables, streamlined workflow and full stack experiments.

All Optimizely X SDKs are open source and include multiple options for configuring individual production environments. A number of advanced options to configure networking, logging, integrations and more are also available.

SurveyGizmo launches a raft of new features

survey-gizmo-logo.pngAnother tool that has kept its developers busy is SurveyGizmo, which has announced a raft of new product benefits and features, including improved integration with a popular statistical analysis engine.

Statistical programming language ‘R’ has been gaining popularity with researchers as an affordable and powerful analytics engine. Until now, data could only be analysed in R if it was exported and then modified to work in the environment. 

SurveyGizmo’s solution enables users to upload ‘R’ scripts into the survey tool and process data in real time through any report. The SurveyGizmo library can also be used to hook R scripts up to its advanced data visualisation tools for easier, more robust reporting.

The other new features are:

  • Advanced quota managementSurveyGizmo now has the ability to create logic-based quotas that include fill order, quota-complete actions, notification emails and monitoring features  
  • Improved survey monitoring users will now get more feedback on the status of surveys and further releases are in the pipeline
  • Report users – SurveyGizmo has launched a new type of user license to help encourage everyone to share survey data with greater control, security and precision

SurveyGizmo says it has a busy roadmap for 2017 with more product improvements in the pipeline, so I’ll be sharing more updates in future blogs.

Introducing the Formstack Portals add-on

Formstack Logo.gif

Formstack is a provider of online form building solutions, and its latest development will make it quicker and easier to get information from different groups of people, such as clients or employees.

With Formstack Portals you can share selected forms with a group and track the progress of individual completion rates. There is even the option to set due dates and automatic email reminders so no one misses a deadline.

The Portals interface also makes it easy to consolidate forms in a Formstack account and customise deadline dates or frequencies for each form. Portals is available as an add-on for existing Formstack plans.


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