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Monthly Conversion Optimisation Tools Update – December 2018

AWA digital’s Marketing Coordinator, Nicole Major, explores the latest conversion optimisation tools and industry news.

It’s Christmas time and we’ve got some tasty goodies for you this festive season. Fully re-engineered Heatmaps from SessionCam, including a nifty comparison feature plus Workspace – the all-new in-app workflow in Formstack. And, if that wasn’t enough to fill up your stocking with, we take a peek at the hugely re-vamped Sketch 52.

SessionCam – Re-engineered Heatmaps and powerful new features

There are few things we like more in our initial research on a new page or site than a good heatmap. There are several good tools available now for producing them, but one of the best around has always been SessionCam.

You can look at browser attention, scrolling and mouse movement as well as normal clicks – on any state of any page on any device.

So we were like kids on Christmas Eve waiting to see the new version and it hasn’t disappointed. Completely rebuilt using the HTML5 canvas element, the user experience is a joy with much faster performance with all the hard work being done in the browser.

However, the SessionCam team didn’t stop there. They have introduced a new side-by-side comparison feature, which allows you to directly compare heatmaps for multiple segments. For example, see how traffic from one source compares to another, or compare desktop to mobile or users that convert compared to those that drop out.

December 18 tools blog image 1

For anyone serious about CRO, this is a game changer. Yes, other tools have similar functionality and you have always been able to do comparisons by getting two reports and physically putting them next to each other. But to do it on the fly, at pace and without having to so much as hit an update button will save a bucket-load of time.

SessionCam was already one of our favourite tools to use on a CRO project, but this added functionality pushed it even closer to the top of the list.


Formstack: Introducing Your New In-App Workflows Dashboard, Workspace
Formstack Logo

Something that’s always guaranteed to raise a cheer with the AWA team is a tool vendor who implements new features based on strong user feedback. After all, that’s one of the things we do to generate new split test ideas.

So, it was a welcome Christmas treat to hear about the new in-app dashboard, Wordspace, from Formstack. It came about from the Formstack Ideas site, to help workflow participants better track their assigned tasks.

December 18 tools blog image 2

Workspace is designed to house a dedicated space to view and complete any assigned workflow tasks, hopefully reducing the reliance on email to house multiple tasks and documentation.

It’s designed very much around housing multiple forms based around an individual ‘custom identifier’. So think in terms of an HR department having quarterly/ annual review forms for each individual employee; or completing treatment notes for patient records in healthcare and so on.

You can assign and complete tasks like any self-respecting task management/ collaboration tool and see them in your workflow and see it all in your Workspace dashboard.

December 18 tools blog image 3

Workspace is available as part of the Formstack Workflows, which is a separate add-on to your normal Formstack account.


Step into the dark with the new Sketch 52
SketchThe popular graphics platform has undergone a big update and now Sketch 52 has landed on our screens. Typically, there are some wonderful new features and some fairly crazy ones – but even those have logic behind the madness.

For example, you can now have Dark Mode (if you’re working on macOS Mojave) throughout allowing you to focus on only what’s happening with your designs. But they’ve worked with Apple to make sure the experience is exactly what  the tech giants wanted it to be.

December 18 tools blog image 4

As well as some pleasing UI changes, the most exciting update is the data integration feature that allows you to add images or text from any folder on your mac – or virtually anywhere at all with certain plugins attached. This means you can quickly add and update data across all of your design in just a few clicks. Also, there are four data sources already in place to help you get started – names, faces, world cities and tiles. Plus, there are going to be lots of new third party plug-ins coming, with one from Unsplash already operational to get quick access to free/ cheap graphics.

There’s a whole raft of other improvements and bug fixes in Sketch 52 – far too many to list here – but suffice it to say that this popular graphics platform just keeps on getting better and better.

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