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Monthly Conversion Optimisation Tools Update – December 2015

Lynne Wright, Operations Manager at AWA digital, takes a look at the latest conversion optimisation tools and industry news.

This month I report on a bumper crop of developments from the CRO tools world before the festive code freeze hits, including a very exciting new product from EyeQuant; share highlights from the latest Mobile Usability report from WhatUsersDo and Practicology; and bring news of a new conversion optimisation tool in the pipeline at Ethnio.

VWO branches out into surveys

vwo_logo.pngOne of our favourite split testing tools, Visual Website Optimizer, is expanding its conversion optimisation platform offering with the launch of on-page surveys.

The survey tool will help website owners understand the views of selected groups of visitors and offers a number of customisable options such as pre-set or personalised target segments and choosing popular triggers, such as the amount of time lapsed, to launch the survey.

By expanding into the research stage of the Conversion Rate Optimisation process, VWO is offering a convenient one-stop-shop for clients who want to run split tests based on solid research data.

Update: On 30th November, two additional developments were also announced by VWO and their parent company Wingify.

More details on both of these to follow in one of next year’s monthly conversion tools updates.

EyeQuant rates your site’s excitement factor

eyequantlogo.pngIf the aim of your website is to offer visitors an exciting experience, you may want to check out EyeQuant’s new design metric.

The Excitingness Score, based on artificial intelligence gained from heat maps and eye tracking, tells you how a large group of users would judge the excitement value of your visual design. Just like EyeQuant’s Visual Clarity Score, it’s based on large-scale studies with thousands of website visitors and rates any design from 0 to 100.

This is certainly a different way of rating a site and could be of value if you want to create a more exciting design.

Two neat new features from Qualaroo

qualaroo-logo.pngThe development team at survey software tool Qualaroo have been busy with two time-saving new features launched this month.

The first is a date filter that you can apply to reports so you can easily hone in on the relevant data and time frames within the tool rather than exporting large files for analysis in a spreadsheet. I’m ridiculously excited about the launch of this long-awaited feature as it will save a lot of time number crunching, giving you the results you want at the click of a button.

The second feature is the ability to customise mobile screener branding. Available to Professional and Enterprise customers, this gives users the option of uploading their own logo to the mobile screener. The Qualaroo pop up screen can take up around a third of the screen on a mobile, so branding this with your company logo should increase survey take-up rates.

A calculated move from Universal Analytics

Google-Analytics-Universal-Analytics.pngUniversal Analytics, the next generation analytical tool from Google, has announced a new feature that makes metrics more easily available and provides more customised reports.

Calculated Metrics enables you to carry out basic calculations on metrics within the view level of the tool rather than having to export data into a spreadsheet for analysis, providing more relevant data quicker.

This is just one of a long list of enhancements to Universal Analytics, which was launched to succeed Google Analytics 18 months ago.

Don’t forget… From April 2016, although Google Analytics will still be available, no new developments will support the tool, so we advise switching to Universal Analytics now if you haven’t already.

New report highlights pitfalls for mobile websites

mobile-usability-report.pngSmartphones are overtaking laptops as the most popular device for getting online, but conversion rates are lower so I was intrigued to see if the latest Mobile Usability report from WhatUsersDo and Practicology would shed any light on this.

The report is based on analysis of smartphone usability of 15 leading UK ecommerce sites by testing them with 120 internet shoppers and it highlights some of the pitfalls that mobile sites can fall into, resulting in lost customers. These include images that are not mobile compatible; limited options for filtering search results; fiddly forms and uninviting home pages.

Consumers expect more from mobile websites, so this report is worth checking out.

Exciting developments in the pipeline at Ethnio

ethnio-logo.jpgTesting recruitment tool Ethnio look to be in the process of developing a new tool to enable users to collate research findings and keep them in one place.

This data capture and storage tool will keep track of research studies, which methods were used, when they were completed, who worked on them, and the key findings.

Ethnio is asking for input from users as it works on the prototype which is a smart way to make sure that the finished product meets customer needs.

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