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Monthly Conversion Optimisation Tools Update – August 2018

AWA digital’s Marketing Coordinator, Nicole Major, explores the latest conversion optimisation tools and industry news with insights provided by Chief Operating Officer, Johann Van Tonder.

This month I take a look at a game-changing development from Google Analytics that gives marketers a complete picture of a customer’s journey using different devices; review SessionCam’s even smarter website error detection solution; and report on new features for the Sketch design tool.


Cross Device web analytics gives a complete picture

google-analytics-logoCross Device reporting in Google Analytics can help marketers understand how customers interact with a website regardless of the devices they use; helping them run smarter campaigns that deliver more relevant and useful experiences.

The Cross Device feature tracks people who visit a website multiple times from different devices and shows this as one visit rather than separate sessions. For example, many customers first research a product or service on a mobile and later order on a desktop. Understanding how these interactions connect as part of the broader customer experience will help marketers make more informed decisions.

GA Device Img Tools Blg Aug 18

Cross Device analytics can also help users create smarter audiences based on the actions people take on various devices; they can also calculate the total spend of a customer, who may have ordered items using more than one device. Segmenting and building audiences based on the way they interact with a website across multiple devices is a great way to build a targeted campaign.

In addition to the Acquisition Device report, Google Analytics users will soon have access to other Cross Device reports like Device Overlap, Device Paths and Channels.


johannJohann Van Tonder, Chief Operating Officer for AWA digital

“We are hearing a lot of noise about mobile visitors and low mobile conversion rates. Often, what we refer to as a ‘mobile visitor’ is just a ‘desktop visitor’ on a different device. This invisible crossover may skew the data on which important decisions are based. It’s arguably the most significant weakness of web analytics. Google Analytics is now making it possible to recognise two separate sessions on different devices as one visit, which is a massive step towards solving this problem.”


SessionCam’s intelligent website error detection gets smarter

sessioncam_logoVisitors who come across errors struggle more and often abandon the task in hand, so understanding why these happen and reducing error rates is a vital component of website optimisation.

SessionCam has improved its error detection and reporting feature and developers believe that this is now the most comprehensive solution available.

SessionCam Image Tools Blog Aug 18SessionCam’s error detection and reporting

The new improvements for the detection and reporting of JavaScript error messages are based on customer feedback over 12 months and include:

  • The ability to filter by error type as well as browser, device, location and operating system and from a specific web page
  • The inclusion of Adobe Analytics segments using SessionCam’s new bi-directional integration
  • Improvements to error reporting that enable users to dismiss error messages that are outside of their scope of interest
  • Error messages are linked to recordings from 20 seconds before the point of error. Users can also download and export the error message data for offline analysis
  • Improved technical performance – error reporting is now much faster and easier to use


Create your style in Sketch

SketchSketch is a great tool for designing user interfaces, websites and icons and the latest version, Sketch 51, brings layer styles to Libraries; adds fixed elements to Prototyping and delivers a number of performance improvements.

Sketch 51 allows users to sync and use text and layer styles across all their documents, such as Artboards. This is a great way to achieve a consistent style for large projects and means that Sketch Libraries can now be used as a single source for all design components and not just symbols. If users have already defined styles in Libraries, Sketch will recognise them automatically.

In a separate development, fixed elements – such as headers and footers – can now be added to Prototypes.

Sketch 51 also delivers significant performance improvements, especially when working with large or complex documents. These include new-look arrows and more than 80 other enhancements and bug fixes.

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