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Monthly Conversion Optimisation Tools Update – August 2017

Sally Edwards, Marketing Manager at AWA digital, takes a look at the latest conversion optimisation tools and industry news.

This month I review a smart new feature from SessionCam that helps users identify the most valuable ustomer journeys; report on a development from UserTesting that will help website owners recruit the right testers; take a look at an exciting new mobile application from personalisation tool Qubit and a feature to preview testing screens from AB Tasty; and share an easier way to view Google Analytics.

A smart way to identify the most valuable customer journeys

sessioncam_logo.pngKey Journeys is a new feature from SessionCam that detects patterns in website traffic, intelligently suggesting and prioritising them against existing conversion funnels.

Maintaining funnels is time-consuming and frustrating, so Key Journeys takes that pain away by automatically revealing the most important routes to conversion. This will make it easier to decide where to focus time and effort, as users will be able to instantly see the most profitable paths through a website.

Johann Van Tonder, Chief Operating Officer for AWA digital

“Customer journeys are a key part of the AWA Conversion System process and gives us an early steer on where potential opportunities might lie. This new feature not only makes that task easier by automatically identifying the key conversion journeys, but also ranks them in order.”

Now you can create UserTesting studies on demand

UserTesting_logo.jpgA new self-service feature from UserTesting has just been launched into public beta to help website owners recruit the right testers.

My Recruit gives UserTesting customers the ability to create and launch a study with anyone at any time and on demand. The feature is completely self-service, helping customers tap into insights from employees, existing customers, industry experts and people within unique demographics faster and easier than ever before.

With My Recruit, users can recruit testers to:

  • Gather on-demand, actionable, feedback from existing customers, industry experts, and more
  • Get insights even faster with completely self-service testing with highly-targeted audiences
  • Engage employees and generate excitement about a company’s brand and products

My Recruit is built into the UserTesting platform, so subscription customers will now see the option to select “My Recruit” as the target audience when creating a study.

Johann Van Tonder, Chief Operating Officer for AWA digital

“This is something we’ve been waiting for for a long time. We much prefer to recruit actual customers for testing, rather than rely on anonymous panels who may or may not be familiar with the brand.”

Be an early adopter of Qubit Aura

qubit-logo-1.pngPersonalisation tool Qubit has developed an exciting new application for mobiles and is inviting a limited number of customers to become early adopters of the technology.

Qubit Aura is a brand new product with multiple patents pending and is designed to provide customers with inspiration and discovery throughout their e-commerce journey. It uses machine learning to decide which products to show to customers and dynamically rearranges the navigation for each visitor based on their preferences.

This means that mobile shoppers will be able to find what they are looking for at the flick of a finger and can also save their top picks for later.

Qubit says that initial tests have been successful, but adds that it is a complex space, so is limiting the number of customers taking part in the trial to perfect the product.

Johann Van Tonder, Chief Operating Officer for AWA digital

“Two sexy concepts woven into one: mobile and Artificial Intelligence, so what’s not to like? Recognising that mobile shoppers behave differently, Qubit has set out to solve the problem of discovery – finding the right product at the right time without even knowing exactly what it is that you’re looking for.

A slick solution for previewing test screens

AB_Tasty.pngA new version of the AB Tasty editor has been launched in response to customer demand for a feature that allows users to preview optimisation campaign display on different screen sizes and resolutions before publishing.

Until now, the AB Tasty editor only allowed users to modify and preview the desktop version of a test. The new option – positioned at the top right-hand side of the tool – lets users simulate different screen sizes and, in turn, quickly view modification previews.

Three options are available so that users can:

  • Manually re-dimension the size of the screen by dragging the corners
  • Enter a custom height and width in pixels
  • Choose a precise smartphone/tablet model from a wide range of options

Johann Van Tonder, Chief Operating Officer for AWA digital

“It’s essential to check your split test on different screen sizes before launching it. Slick integrated solutions such as this will save our engineers hours of time.”

An easier way to view Google Analytics

google-analytics-logo_1.pngIt is now much easier to view Google Analytics data in Data Studio using a new feature. When a report is created using Data Control, viewers will only be able to see their own data displayed.

This feature is great for users working within an agency or large organisation with access to many Google Analytics views who don’t want to have to create a Data Studio report for each view.

For example, if a user has a set of charts and data that they monitor every day, they can now build a report in Data Studio, add the Data Control, and quickly move between any of the views they have access to.

The feature will also benefit organisations with many websites across different brands, regions and business units as Data Control can be used to share a curated report across the organisation with every user able to see their own data at a glance.

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