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Monthly Conversion Optimisation Tools Update – August 2016

Lynne Wright, Operations Manager at AWA digital, takes a look at the latest conversion optimisation tools and industry news.

This month I preview two new products set for launch in Q4 by our favourite split testing tool, Optimizely, and highlight two neat new features from UserTesting that makes it easier than ever to record and review user experiences.

Optimizely paves the way for integrated testing

optimizely.pngA webinar hosted by Optimizely to mark the half year end gave partners an insight into its future plans for combining personalisation and split testing.

In it, Optimizely announced the integration of its A/B testing tool and new personalisation tool via a single interface. This means that users will no longer have to switch between the two tools, but can access them through the same platform.

The new interface will be accessed through the personalisation platform and will also deliver performance enhancements as cookies will no longer be needed, for example to store client information, so navigation will be smoother.

In the webinar, Optimizely revealed that it originally thought that personalisation and A/B testing were two different things, but feedback has showed that the overlap is so great that the tools need to be integrated – hence this new development.

The unification of the two technology stacks paves the way for an integrated workflow for split testing and personalisation to deliver truly personalised content to users – first testing out the most successful options within the same tool.

This is a really exciting development as we see great benefits in using the two tools in harmony.

Anyone interested in test driving the beta product before general release can find out more here.

You may also like this new development

In another development, Optimizely is set to launch a new feature within its personalisation tool allowing website owners to add and test a ‘You may also like’ style function.f80d6d11-35e4-431b-bba1-be381953e8fc.png

This works by using data collated by the tool together with pre-set algorithms based on what website visitors have also browsed or purchased, the top sellers on the site and the products recommended for individual visitors based on their profile.

These algorithms are updated weekly and different variations on the settings can be split tested to see which formula converts most successfully to maximise the potential of the tool.

Case studies show that installing this ‘You may also like’ function can result in an uplift in sales of around 10 per cent, so this feature – requested by users – is well worth testing out.

Capturing user experiences just got easier

UserTesting_logo.jpgIt’s great to see UserTesting investing in new features to make it quicker and easier to record user experiences as this valuable feedback can help take websites and mobile apps to the next level.

AppCapture is a free tool for iOS devices that lets you quickly capture a user’s screen, voice and gestures as they interact with your app.

Once the user completes a recording, an HD video of their experience is automatically sent to the UserTesting dashboard, making it easy to download, manage, edit, and share the results.

AppCapture can be used to record in-lab tests as well as for testing in the field, creating demos and recording bugs that need fixing. It’s easy to install in a couple of quick steps and supports iOS 8 and above.

UserTesting has also launched a new and improved video player in response to requests from users to make it simpler to work with recorded videos and share insights from studies.

New features, such as notes and clips, will make it easier to mark segments of the recordings that are of interest and to store and find these clips easily using a new streamlined process.

A smart pause and play feature has also been added that gives three options for taking notes while you watch the videos and this looks like being a great time saver too.

Other new features include being able to quickly view a test participant’s profile while watching their video and being able to easily change the timecode of an annotation. The recordings can also be viewed on a mobile, with improved playback quality.

The UserTesting team also offers a service reviewing videos for clients and summarising the findings in a report.

We love UserTesting as it’s a cost effective way to understand how users interact with a website or mobile phone app and it’s great to see the company investing in these new features.

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