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Monthly Conversion Optimisation Tools Update – April 2019

AWA digital’s Marketing Coordinator, Nicole Major, explores the latest conversion optimisation tools and industry news for April 2019.

If you’re just getting started on the path to personalisation, or ready to turn your path into a super highway, there are big updates from Qubit to help you get there. Plus, we look at some excellent new features in Balsamiq and powerful new analysis in Omniconvert test results.

Qubit: New product portfolio covering new and experienced users
qubit-logoAt Shoptalk in Las Vegas, Qubit announced the availability of a new product portfolio which serves to support brands at all the different levels on the path to personalisation. There are two main additions – Qubit Start and Qubit Pro covering each end of the personalisation spectrum.

First, let’s look at Qubit Start. The new gateway product focuses on the three main phases of Gartner’s purchase cycle: discovery, selection and purchase. It employs specific personalisation capabilities of the Qubit platform at the points that will impact the most visitors and convert them into customers whether they are completely new or returning VIPs.

Apr19 Tools blog image 1Easily implement personalisation elements such as social proof with Qubit Start

With it’s quick implementation and low cost of ownership, Qubit Start is ideal for brands who are looking to begin and prove the value of personalisation and how it will be a key growth driver for their business.

At the other end of the scale is Qubit Pro. The company announced that the Pro version serves brands at the most advanced stages of personalisation, where the customer is the focus regardless of channel.

Qubit Pro goes beyond the out-of-the-box personalisation use cases of Qubit Start, and enables cross-functional teams to build and deliver custom experiences tailored to their unique visitors, according to their unique objectives.

The product provides unlimited scale, unrivaled developer tools and a plethora of third-party integrations to ensure brands have the access, capability and autonomy to build whatever they need. Therefore, the key performance indicators for Qubit Pro users center around customer lifecycle and loyalty metrics, rather than solely conversion and acquisition.

Phil Circle“Personalisation, when used properly, is a powerful CRO tool that has proven to produce results time and again for our clients. We welcome these new updates from Qubit to both allow smaller organisations to start personalising experiences and large corporations to run programs at scale.”

Phil Cave, Senior CRO Consultant at AWA digital

Balsamiq: Big improvements to presentation and user review modes
balsamiq-logoEveryone’s favourite wireframing tool, Balsamiq, have been busy improving the way in which we can all use their tool, rather than the tool itself.

This is important, successful use of wireframes requires both internal collaboration and feedback from external user tests… it doesn’t matter how pretty the proposed designs are if no one else sees them or is able to feedback on them.

So the team have made big improvements to both the Full-Screen Presentation feature which incorporates several different ‘modes’:

The Review preset basically enables all the extra bells and whistles that Full-Screen Presentation Mode offers. In addition to existing features like Link Hints, Markup, and the Big Arrow Cursor, they have added the Wireframe Navigator, Notes, and Comments. This makes the Full-Screen Presentation mode the most powerful version of the Review and Comment permission level.

Users won’t be able to edit, but they will be able to make comments and add callouts to your designs. It’s a nice way to review a project without distraction.

Apr19 Tools Blog image 2

The User Test Mode is the complete opposite of the Review Mode – it has everything turned off by default. This streamlines the view so that all someone is interacting with is the content you have created. If you have linked your wireframes together, your users can click through your project as if it were a real website or app.

This is a much better situation, making it much easier to user test projects without distractions and get more honest (brutal?) feedback.

apr19 tools blog image with border (2)

This is a nice addition to an already great tool, and will make it easier to get good quality feedback. There are more announcements in the pipeline, including a V1.5 of this where you will be able to send links direct to users and it automatically loads in full screen mode.

Omniconvert: Device type filter data and create your own segmentation
Omniconvert_LogoCRO platform Omniconvert has released several new updates for their users to help with deeper results analysis and audience segmentation.

When analysing test performance results, professional CRO’ers know the importance of looking at that data from all angles before drawing any firm conclusions. A key part of that is to look at different types of results as it’s not uncommon to see big differences between mobile, tablet and desktop conversion rates for a test, as the UX is often very different.

You can now do just that through your Omniconvert results dashboard, allowing you to see the bounces, conversions and engagement for each device for each test. That gives you all the data to judge accurately where winning tests should get deployed and where there may be further opportunities. It’s worth noting here that this functionality has only been running since 21st February this year, so you won’t see this data for tests run before this date.

Apr19 Tools Blog image 4

The second part of this update gives you even greater control over segmentation. Omniconvert already has over 40 segmentation parameters and is very powerful as it is, but you can now add in your own through the Javascript Call Code editor. A word of warning, you will need to have a very good understanding of Javascript here or a friendly developer to help you as it’s not exactly a WYSIWYG interface though it does have a friendly error checking feature.

Apr19 Tools Blog image 5The Callback code feature offers you the possibility to customise the conditions that address your defined audiences, which can be a powerful way to build in your personas for personalisation and CRO purposes in a more powerful and efficient way.

If you want to learn more about conversion rate optimisation, read our Advanced Guide to CRO. This guide shares nearly a decade’s worth of experience of increasing online sales and revenue for multichannel businesses to empower you with the skills and knowledge to transform your business.

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