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Monthly Conversion Optimisation Tools Update – April 2016

Lynne Wright, Operations Manager at AWA digital, takes a look at the latest conversion optimisation tools and industry news.

This month I take a look at Qubit’s next generation tag management tool; review HotJar’s upgraded recording feature; lament the retirement of Concept Feedback and preview a three-day virtual conference taking place later this month.

Qubit ups its tag management game

qubit-logo.pngPersonalisation tool Qubit is our go-to provider for tag management, so we’re excited about the launch of its next generation version that includes a number of intuitive new features.

Opentag 3 has a fresh new interface and the additional features include version control and two-factor authentication, bringing it in line with newer kids on the block such as Google Tag Manager.

Tag management systems let you control the analytics tools, tests and other tag-based technologies on your site with ease and are becoming increasingly popular.

Qubit’s new features make tag management easier than ever with the version control feature letting you view and roll-back changes to containers if needed and two-factor authentication making your account more secure. In addition, Opentag 3 lets you apply rules and variables to multiple tags, not just individual tags like previous versions.

Migration to Opentag 3 is simple to do and takes just a minute, but Qubit is only providing a limited number of upgrades at a time, so you need to grab your slot.

If you miss the first wave, Quibit has promised to release more slots on a regular basis and says that this is just the first of a number of developments in the pipeline that will create a better user experience.

The people’s CRO tool improves recordings

hotjar1.jpgWe’ve christened HotJar the ‘people’s CRO tool’ as its new developments are based on user feedback and requests. Not only that, but the more requests HotJar gets for an improvement, the higher it is prioritised.

HotJar’s new and improved recording player is no exception. This feature is a great way to keep a record of website user sessions and highlights of the improved feature include:

  • An option to jump to the next or previous recording from the player itself
  • The progress bar now has a draggable handle and improved display of user actions
  • The session information tab always shows more details such as user ID, recording ID and the date and time of the recording
  • Within the notes and actions tab you can also see your visitors’ actions such as them changing page, clicking and typing

HotJar is an all-in-one analysis and feedback conversion suite and a constantly evolving tool with improvements coming thick and fast and new features released every month to make it easier to use. What is there not to love about that?

Concept Feedback retires

concept-feedback_logo.pngFans of Concept Feedback – a tool providing feedback on websites from designers and user experience experts – will no doubt lament the fact that it has been retired earlier than expected.

The tool was acquired by Visual Website Optimiser (VWO) in 2014 and was always intended to be integrated into VWO’s flagship feature, the IdeaFactory – a library of around 300 testing ideas and case studies for website optimisation and conversion tracking – as well as operating independently.

VWO promised to use the knowledge gleaned from Concept Feedback to make its own tool more powerful and obviously feels that this has been achieved. Existing community users can keep the insights they have gathered by going to a concept and clicking on the ‘export’ option on the top right corner.

Concept Feedback isn’t a tool we actively use, as we prefer to focus on split test designs driven by feedback from website users rather than industry experts, but it’s always sad to say goodbye.

A virtual event for those with a passion for CRO

conversion-world-logo.pngThose with a passion for CRO will be looking forward to Conversion World – a three day virtual conference giving an insight into the latest industry trends.

The online event is a great chance to interact with more than 20 Industry experts who will be running sessions such as ‘how to increase the impact of split testing’; ‘the psychology of mobile customers’; and ‘selling to the unconscious mind’.

To help potential attendees persuade their boss that the conference will be money and time well spent, organisers make the following case on their behalf: “It’s an event designed to increase profits for website owners as every speaker is a hands-on practitioner, so delegates can learn what they do and copy their processes, saving trial and error time and increasing website conversions.

A member of our team will be attending and will report back after the event, which runs from April 18-20. More details can be found on the conference website –

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