Methods to increase online sales – adopt our New Year’s Resolutions

IMG_1877January is traditionally the time for making New Year’s Resolutions – and the world of Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is no different. So to get your 2015 off to a cracking start, we’ve prepared eight actionable New Year’s Resolutions to help you hone your CRO strategy and increase your online sales.

Take a look at our ideas and choose those best suited to your business. And don’t forget: if your CRO determination wavers at any point over the next 12 months, we’re always happy to offer encouragement and advice.

1. 2015 will be the year that I…

“Switch to Universal Analytics (UA), rather than wait until Google forces the switch in 2016.”

Universal Analytics is set to replace Google Analytics (GA) in April 2016, but there are lots of benefits to migrating now. Firstly, it gives you 15 months to make sure UA is working properly before you lose GA. But even more important, UA helps you mine even more valuable data from your website, so you get the benefits quicker. Here are just three of the shiny new features of UA:

  • UA gives you data designed for your business – no more ‘standard’ Google Analytics reports
  • UA lets you see customer behaviour by content category – eg: see the page views for a specific product range on your site, rather than a confusing URL
  • UA tells you what customers do leading up to a sale – track customer behaviour and gain valuable insight

{{cta(‘a7ecc65b-c8b3-4f30-9319-1d95f666c77f’,’justifyleft’)}} Why wait until 2016 for all that extra juicy data and insights about customer behaviour on your site? Get ahead of your competitors and make the switch now. Read more about Universal Analytics in our whitepaper ‘Three reasons to love Universal Analytics’.

2. 2015 will be the year that I…

“Make it a priority to learn more about Conversion Rate Optimisation to get the maximum benefit from using it.”

CRO is a complex subject. And it takes time to understand how changes to your website optimisation can bring lucrative rewards.

Our range of ‘how to’ guides offer clear, detailed information about particular aspects of website optimisation. They also explain how to use that information to increase your online sales.

Topics we’ve already covered:

  • Heatmaps – how to find the ‘cold zones’ of your website (where customers rarely click)
  • Copy review – discover how your words can turn your customers on (or off) to buying
  • Usability testing – observe how users interact with your site and find customer stumbling blocks

And in 2015 we have guides planned for visitor surveys, value proposition, mobile CRO and conversion funnels.

Start increasing your CRO knowledge today. Browse our Conversion Rate Optimisation ‘how to’ guides.

3. 2015 will be the year that I…

“Understand that split testing doesn’t require extra resource, and endless time.”

Many businesses miss out on the benefits of CRO because they believe that split testing is time consuming and requires niche expertise. Not so.

  • It’s not a major job to add a split testing tool to your site. For example, Optimizely needs just two lines of code – a ten minute job for your developer.
  • You only need basic computer skills to get tests up and running using a straightforward WYSIWYG editor that lets you play around and make new variations of your current site
  • You don’t need to do any analysis of the results. Your split tests are presented to you in an easy-to-understand format, with a graph and the ‘before and after’ numbers clearly shown.

Still not convinced you can do split testing in-house? Let us persuade you further in our blog ‘What to do when your development team are too overloaded to do A/B Split Testing’.

4. 2015 will be the year that I…

“Focus on the best kept secret that is ‘Revenue Per Visitor’ (RPV).”

RPV is a metric you might not have heard of. Instead, you may have focused all your efforts on improving your conversion rate. Although that may seem a sensible metric, it has a flaw that can cost you dear…


Because it’s not just the number of visitors that buy from your site that counts, it’s also how much they spend per order.

  • Looking at both Conversion Rate and Average Order Value gives better insights. RPV incorporates both these metrics to give you a single figure to compare.
  • Focusing on RPV means you’re going to see the most profitable split test winners – rather than the ones that convert best

In fact, only looking at conversion rate could actually lose you money.

Read more about CRO’s most valuable (and little known) metric in our blog ‘Revenue Per Visitor – The one key metric you can’t ignore when A/B testing’.

5. 2015 will be the year that I…

“Focus on the three power metrics that will help me get juicy ROI from my Conversion Rate Optimisation programme.”

And no, we’re not talking about changing the colour of your website buttons! The three power metrics we recommend will dramatically improve the performance of your split testing. They’ll also increase the effectiveness of your CRO programme.

Read our detailed guide and learn how to:

  • Increase the ratio of winning to losing tests
  • Get more revenue per test
  • Run more tests to generate more income

Using these three metrics together gives you a compound uplift that can delivers exponentially larger profitable results.

{{cta(‘a9abc988-f481-470a-83db-b568858d1a9f’,’justifyleft’)}} Is 2015 the year that your website needs to pull its weight? Then this is the next step to take. Meet the power metrics dream team in our whitepaper ‘How a Relentless Focus on Three Power Metrics Can Double Your Conversion Rate Optimisation Success’.

6. 2015 will be the year that I…

“Stop wasting money chasing more traffic with expensive PPC and SEO, and invest in an in-house CRO programme that converts my existing traffic.”

It might sound counterintuitive, but you don’t need more traffic to get better ROI from your website. After all what is the point of sending lots of people to your site if they don’t buy when they get there?

It can be much more profitable – not just in the short term, but in the long term too – to focus on CRO and generate more sales from your existing traffic.

So how can you convert existing traffic?

  • Start by implementing an in-house CRO programme
  • Identify where traffic is dropping off from the conversion funnel and why
  • Perform A/B split testing

{{cta(‘3afa13de-6f42-4e82-b3f6-3008c82a99cb’,’justifyleft’)}} To explain how to generate more sales from existing traffic, we’ve written a whitepaper. Read ‘The advanced guide to Conversion Rate Optimisation for e-commerce managers and marketing directors’.

7. 2015 will be the year that I…

“Start preparing for the Christmas rush… in January.”

Although the turkey is barely digested, it’s never too early to plan for the Christmas 2015 sales rush. An unpalatable thought? Maybe. A CRO top tip? Definitely.

So why start now?

  • Gathering feedback is time consuming, yet gives valuable insight for future split tests
  • Creating new web pages to test your hypotheses also takes time – especially if you increase the chances of success by researching your early wireframes with usability testers before the test goes live
  • Performing split tests early in the year allows time to try new design ideas and implement them to take advantage of the extra sales immediately
  • Test during normal trading, when less is at stake.

So starting early is essential to ensure increased sales for Christmas 2015. Thankfully, playing festive music while you split test is not a requirement. Find out more in our blog ‘Five steps for a smashing e-commerce Christmas’.

8. 2015 will be the year that I…

“Increase online sales FAST, and sustain growth throughout the year.”

It doesn’t make business sense to delay increasing your online sales. Get started now with instant fixes that will quickly take your sales up a gear.

If you’re not ready to take the plunge with a full-service, all-singing, all-dancing CRO project, why not take advantage of our ‘off the shelf’ services, available to buy now, including:

  • Express Website Review: A detailed review of your site plus personalised recommendations to increase online sales fast
  • Usability & Diagnosis: Just one of a range of CRO services that can be implemented quickly for rapid sales results
  • CRO Training: Expert help and training via seminars, personal reviews and email support

Get 2015 off to a sprint start with our new Services for Small Businesses to increase your online sales.

Over to you. What are your methods to increase online sales in 2015?

Congratulations for sticking with us to the end! That shows true dedication to improving your online sales, and increasing your CRO knowledge. And we hope you’ve found at least one resolution that’s relevant and helpful for your business.

If you want to achieve double-digit increases in your sales for your e-commerce website, A/B split testing is a powerful and profitable tool when used as part of a complete Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) programme. Download our guide to A/B Testing here:


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