Low conversion rate? Here’s why..

If you can’t communicate why your website exists and the benefits you offer to your visitors this will be reflected in a poor conversion rate.

Fivesecondtest.com is one of our favourite tools. It uses the power of crowds to help you understand whether your online value proposition is well understood – or not.


How it works

We use fivesecondtest to ask large groups of people online what a particular website is about and what benefits it could offer them.

You can get feed back on wireframes, mock-ups or webpages.

You can either pay for tests as you go or take out a package for a monthly quota of responses.

Here’s five reasons we like it…

1. The 5 seconds rule

Participants have to answer questions after just 5 seconds of viewing the design. That is in line with how long real visitors will look at your page before taking action … or leaving.

2. Crowdsource opinion

Crowdsourcing is used for everything from raising funds for movies, to deciding what to eat in a restaurant, to gathering material for blog posts like this one. Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) specialists know that the opinion of others matter more than your own. Fivesecondtest makes it easy to tap into a broad base to get feedback on your design ideas.

3. It’s quick

Results are often available within an hour of posting a test. To participate in a test is easy. In fact, it’s addictive. There’s an army of reviewers waiting to give you feedback. They’re having fun, and earning karma points at the same time.

4. Testers are knowledgeable

We have found that the user base is made up largely of people involved in design, so you are getting a somewhat qualified opinion. Of course it’s important to balance this with feedback from “real” users, but see it as getting input on the concept from your colleagues.

5. It’s really affordable!

Karma points are used to pay for tests. You can buy them in batches of 100 for $25, or you can earn points by participating in tests. For every test you take, you earn 1 karma point.

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If use other tools to learn more about your website visitors we would love to hear about them – post a comment below.


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