Introducing Multi Channel Funnels – Part 1 of 3

Have you ever wondered what leads to a repeat visitor becoming a paying customer? Do some of your marketing activities play a hidden role in bringing customers closer to making a purchase?

Our three part guide introduces Multi Channel Funnels, a powerful new feature in Google Analytics, which gives a new depth of insight into which of your marketing activities have the most influence. Armed with this new data you’ll be able to further optimise your advertising spending and increase your profits!

In this, the first of out three videos, we explain the principles behind Multi Channel Funnels and familiarise you with the new reports available in Google Analytics.


[youtube width=”512″ height=”312″][/youtube]

In November and December we’ll publish parts two and three of our series:

Part 2: Understanding how Multi Channel Funnels affects data across your existing analytics reports

Part 3: Beginning to use the new data to increase your profits

We also run a training course in Multi Channel Funnels. If you want to get the very best out of these new tools and ensure that your whole team are up to speed, why not get in touch?



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