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How we achieved a double-digit Sales Increase for Canon Europe

We achieved double-digit sales increases for Canon Europe. However, don’t take our word for it, listen to Chris Jarvis, from Canon Europe, shares how we helped them to achieve double-digit improvements in their conversion rate and double-digit percentage of their overall revenue. This gave Canon an ROI of 12:1.

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You can watch the video of Chris below:



“Hi, I’m Chris Jarvis. We’ve been working with AWA now for just over two years, and over that period of time, we have achieved all of our goals.

Now I can’t talk in too much detail about revenue, but AWA have helped us to achieve double-digit improvements in our conversion rate and double-digit percentage of our overall revenue.

We’ve also been experiencing 100% year-on-year growth through our revenue and traffic.

We’ve achieved substantial ROI for our budget. I think in year one we were working about eight to one, and in year two we’ve achieved twelve to one.

We see AWA as an extension of our team. The optimizers themselves are extremely knowledged, and what they’re able to bring to the table is something that you wouldn’t be able to get just by hiring people internally.

The depth of experience the people bring, enables us as Canon to grow exponentially, not just through increasing conversion rates.

Every step of the way, we felt that we have had a partner working alongside us that understands absolutely to the nth degree exactly what it is we’re trying to achieve and they’ve been able to adapt every single step of the way and that’s the bit that’s really impressive. That’s through every single person within the team from their devs all through way up to the top to their CEO.

I think any type of business can work with AWA.

Now, from our perspective, I wouldn’t hesitate for anyone to contact me.

Absolutely no issues whatsoever in recommending them.”


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