How to Use Wireframing Tools to Save Web Development Time & Costs

Okay, so we all know that some agencies are slower and much more expensive than we’d like them to be, and if you have an in-house team, there’s almost always a development queue.

That’s just the way things seem to be.

But it doesn’t mean there’s not something powerful we can do to save time, money and ensure the greatest possibility of success.

First have your agency or someone from your team produce a wireframe using a piece of software like Balsamiq, Axure, Mockflow, or Wirify: there are lots of them, some are free.

Going down this route allows you to develop interactive wireframes super quickly and cheaply compared to the cost of going straight to a graphic designer.

Note this is just on approach that should be used amongst other feedback mechanisms. 

Once you have a wireframe, recruit some user testers from your website and have them tell you what they think.

Is it an improvement? Does it make the page easier to use? Is the content more persuasive?

If not, no problem. You’ve hardly spent a penny.

Go back to the drawing board and implement the feedback you got from the usability testers.

Then do it again. What do your users think?

Once you’ve got the sign off from your customers, then it’s time to send the wireframe to be turned in to PSD. This can then be used to turn it in to a split test to allow you to collect robust data and to see what actually makes a difference to customers. 

Note: If you’re cash and time rich feel free to skip this step, just be aware that if you don’t follow this advice:

  • You run a high risk of costly revisions and delays as your agency or designers work and rework your PSD to everyone’s liking.
  • Without user testing the concept, you could find yourself implementing a test that doesn’t work, and incur an opportunity cost that runs into the hundreds of thousands in lost revenue.


To learn more about improving your website performance, read our guide on How to Use Usability Testing to Increase Your Conversion Rate.


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