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Gus and Vlad open a library

Gus and Vlad open a library

Vlad and Gus, forensic web analysts from the Web Detective Agency, are talking about some of their favourite books.


Vlad and Gus's Library

Vlad: I think if I had to choose just two, it would be Avinash's first book "Web Analytics - An Hour a Day" and Eric T. Peterson's "Web Analytics Demystified"

Gus: Old skool, like it.

Vlad: What? These are not school books, not in my school at least.

Gus: No, I meant classic, traditional, based on the writings of the founding fathers, the i capitani of digital measurement.

Vlad: OK, and your favourites would be?

Gus: I am sucker for a bit of Drayton Bird, who wrote Commonsense of Direct and Digital Marketing. Plus, I am addicted to the Eisenbergs- Always be Testing and Waiting for your Cat to Bark.

Vlad: How many books do you think we've got in the office?

Gus: Altogether, easily over 120, not including some multiple copies.

Vlad: I have just finished reading a book about Zappos, the online shoe retailer. They opened a library, letting anyone borrow their books.

Gus: Would you do that?

Vlad: I am not sure. Would anyone return them?

Gus: Vlad, you have a low opinion of human nature. Most people look after library books far better than their own.

Vlad: OK, so you're suggesting that we let people borrow any of our books.

Gus: Yeah, if we are serious about helping good online retailers become great ones, this is one way we can do it.

Vlad: So, we'll need a list of books we've got in our library and some kind of record who we've loaned which book to.

Gus: OK, I'll get on to it. Any bet's on which will be the most popular book to borrow?

Vlad: It'll be Avinash by a mile.

Gus: Not sure. I am putting my money on the Eisenbergs.

Vlad: We'll see.

and Gus, forensic web analysts from the Web Detective Agency, are examining some website traffic reports from one of their clients. Vlad has spotted a problem.

Vlad: There it is again.

Gus: What?


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