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What are the benefits of making a website easier to buy from?

Having a website that is easy to buy from has a number of benefits, watch our CEO, Dan Croxen-John outline the key ones:

There are 3 key benefits:

  1. Your website converts at a higher rate – if your website is easy to buy from, there’s fewer reasons why a potential customer may leave your site, meaning that they’re more likely to complete their purchase
  2. The Average Order Value (AOV) increases because when users do buy, they buy more, similar to the point above.
  3. When they do buy, they’ll come back again and again, meaning repeat customers. Having a website that is easy to buy from can increase customer loyalty, as well as meaning that you have a higher Return On Investment (ROI) from marketing spend.


Think of the impact all 3 of these benefits could have on your business if you just made your website easy to buy from?

Read our ebook below to learn more about how the three power metrics – win rate x effect x velocity – can make your conversion optimisation programme a success and ensuring your website is easy to buy from.


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