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CRO Case Study: How we got 12.6% more revenue changing the product page

Split Test of the Month – August 2015

Buying should be easy – and every week we uncover ways in which keen online shoppers are thwarted in their efforts to buy. In this Split Test of the Month, we, as a CRO agency, look at how we delivered a double-digit uplift in sales simply by an improved product page. Key to this success was a focus on understanding and addressing the information needs of the users.

The issue:

Happy Puzzle Company is a leader in educational games, toys and puzzles to both families and educational establishments. Their website offers over 400 award-winning puzzles and games for all ages.

In the test below, a number of changes on the product page led to an increase in Revenue per Visitor (RPV) of 12.6%.

Google Analytics showed an 85% drop-off from product to basket page, suggesting that this would be a key area of the website to optimise.

Through in-depth usability and analysis of other tools such as heatmaps and clickmaps, the lead optimiser discovered:

  • Less than 2% of users were using the category filtering options that took up a great deal of space in the left hand column of the page
  • Instead, the customers’ main way of deciding if a product was of interest to them was by the age, skills and attributes of the product  which were detailed under the product description
  • Visitors also had questions about delivery costs, quality and coupon redemption which were going unanswered on the product page
  • Finally, visitors wanted  reviews of the product for a personal perspective, but were unable to find them

Our optimiser hypothesised that by showcasing the age and skills in a more prominent position, combined with addressing the concerns that customers had would improve conversion.

The solution:

After developing wireframes and researching with usability testers, this new artwork was developed:


This test gained an increase in RPV of 12.6% at a 100% statistical confidence. The optimiser said “This was an interesting test as we improved it over five iterations from -8% revenue decrease to a +12,6% increase and received a couple of insights which we could incorporate in other tests”

How to get double digit sales uplifts on your site

It’s important to mention that changes we made, and the results they achieved, reflect the views of Happy Puzzle Company’s users and the unique requirements of their business model. Running a similar split test on your website won’t necessarily deliver the same results.

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