11 Reasons Why Your Website Visitors Aren’t Buying From You

If you’ve tried implementing conversion rate optimisation strategies based on best practice, you’ve probably enjoyed mixed success.

Why is that? It’s simply because of this.

There are no cookie-cutter template ‘best practise’ website customers

Something that worked like gangbusters on one website will not deliver the exact same results on another. You may even see a surprising inversion.

Trying to apply something just because it worked on other businesses is an incredibly high risk strategy. Your customers are not the same as ASOS’, or Debenhams’ customers. They are unique, and will transact with your website in a unique way.

Yes, there are certain immutable laws that every website can benefit from.

Usability. Urgency. Scarcity etc.

But when it comes to persuading your visitors to open their wallet, there are so many other variables to consider. There are literally hundreds, and they vary for every website.

Here’s 11 reasons that demand consideration when improving your online visitor experience:

  1. Urgency of your visitors problem / need
  2. Maturity of your service / product / solution
  3. Awareness of your product by traffic source
  4. Awareness of your brand by traffic source
  5. Cost of the product versus value it communicates
  6. Specific objections that arise because of past experience or gaps in information
  7. Specific objections that arise because of some element of your, or your competitors’ offer
  8. Age of the visitor
  9. How technical savvy your visitors are
  10. Gender of the visitor
  11. Competitive landscape

If you overlook these things, the changes you introduce to the website will often miss the mark, making conversion improvements unnoticeable.

Button colour doesn’t matter one bit, if the objection is price

For a straightforward example, if your users have a price objection because your copy doesn’t communicate the value of your product, it really doesn’t matter what colour your buttons are.

The only test that will win is a price justification test, or testing the pricing itself. And the only way you can uncover the details of your users’ objections is by a systematic process of discovery that your analytics tool can’t do, and typical enterprise grade customer surveys overlook.

So, if answering the ‘why’ question is vital to unblocking the profit pipes on your website, and your analytics tool can’t help you, how do you find answers?

  • How do you get sufficient detail?
  • How do you know you’re listening to the right people?
  • How do you know there’s sufficient profit potential in a test?
  • And how do you know that your fix will work?

Unearthing the hidden gold in your business

So, we’ve established that the multi-million pound word in conversion is not the ‘what’ you read in your analytics reports, but the ‘why’ that can only come from the minds of your web visitors. But how do you get it out of their minds, and on to your test plan?

Here’s 12 sources you can quickly tap to answer the ‘why are my website visitors not buying’ question:

  1. Customer support emails
  2. Live chat transcripts
  3. The minds of your call centre staff
  4. Web forms analysis
  5. Social media mentions
  6. On-site search
  7. Targeted on-site surveys
  8. Email surveys
  9. Tell-a-friend open text fields
  10. Your store managers and floor staff
  11. Keywords research
  12. Exit surveys

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