Biographies of our conversion optimisation experts

Dan Croxen-John, CEO

Dan Croxen-John CEO

As CEO, Dan leads the business in ensuring that the agency continues to innovate, grow and serve its expanding client base across three continents. Prior to founding AWA, Dan ran a number of successful multichannel retailers. Dan holds an MBA from Bath University School of Management, and is a Fellow of the Institute of Direct Marketing (IDM).

Johann van Tonder, COO

Johann van Tonder COO

Johann leads the AWA Optimisation Team as well as taking the role of lead optimiser on larger projects. Johann is a former business turnaround specialist who has used Conversion Rate Optimisation to turn the divisions of SA corporates from 'dogs' into 'stars'. Johann was also CEO of Cybercellar, South Africa’s leading online wine retailer.

Mel Henson, Head of Creative

Mel Henson Head of Creative

Mel is an experienced strategist and copywriter, who learned the skills of direct marketing at Ogilvy & Mather Direct. Mel oversees all AWA’s creative output and manages a team of designers and copywriters. Mel is also author of “Flicks & Clicks: How to Create Websites and Catalogues that Sell More”, which became an Amazon business bestseller at its launch in 2011.

Brendan McNulty, Optimiser

Brendan McNulty Optimiser

Based in Cape Town, Brendan currently holds the AWA prize for the largest revenue uplift from a single split-test; 58%. Brendan has a background in online gaming and has held senior marketing positions in a number of South African companies. Brendan has also founded his own business, Now Novel, that helps aspiring writers to complete 'the novel inside us all'.

Dave Mullen Optimiser

Dave Mullen Optimiser

With a degree in Maths from Oxford, Dave’s rapid understanding of e-commerce fundamentals has helped him to substantially increase clients’ online sales. Dave is an expert in embedding a data-driven approach to website optimisation within client organisations such as Mountain Warehouse, Interflora, Findel Plc, The Book People and Bettys.

John Barnes Optimiser

John Barnes Optimiser

John brings to the table over 10 years of online marketing experience on both client- and agency-side. A specialist in the competitive markets of finance, travel and iGaming, he has a broad range of skills including SEO and social media optimisation. For AWA digital, he has successfully led several Conversion Rate Optimisation and analytics projects for clients including Joules, TK Maxx and BrightMinds.

Lynne Wright, Marketing & Operations

Lynne Wright Marketing & Operations Manager

With several years’ experience of optimising websites in the travel sector, Lynne understands every aspect of Conversion Rate Optimisation. She is responsible for all aspects of project and tool set up as well as supporting the Optimisation Team. In Summer 2015, Lynne achieved a BSc in Psychology, studying in her free time with the Open University.

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